A graduation ceremony is where a well know commencement speaker tells
hundreds of graduates all dressed exactly the same that individuality is
what make the world tick and the key to their success.

Now-a-Days when a speaker tells the graduates that the future is theirs, I
wonder if they ponder the same thing I do — Is that a threat or a promise ?

Graduation is where the world beckons to the former students, not so much
with open arms, or for that matter, even with the correct finger.

In every speech I’ve ever heard, the graduates are all informed that the
future is theirs for the taking. Then, the poor souls go out and try to
find a decent job; quickly learning that the present isn’t available to
them at all !

I know an awful lot of college students who aren’t ready to even look for a
job after they finally graduate. They fail to realize that “commencement”
means to “begin”.

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