A Letter Home From School

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mann,

Hi, I guess I should introduce myself to you. My name is Cath and
I go to school with your son, Stan. We are good friends and since Stan
is hesitant about talking with you I thought I should. We have had an
interesting couple of months. First there was my dorm room fire. We
were fooling around and knocked a candle over. We had to go out the
window but it was ok cuz it was only a 12 foot drop and Stan caught
me. He is the man !

The std we picked up is almost gone. The doctors said the treatments
shouldn’t effect our new edition. I am so looking forward to calling
you mom and dad!

There was no fire.

We do not have an std.

I am not pregnant.

I don’t ever plan on being in the position of calling you mom and
dad. however…

Stan did get a D in History. and he is afraid you will be angry.

Cath Fiction

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