36 world’s smallest books

  1. The Code of Ethics for Lawyers
  2. The Australian Book of Foreplay
  3. The Book of Motivated Postal Workers
  4. Americans’ Guide to Etiquette
  5. The World Guide to Good American Beer
  6. Royal Family’s Guide to Good Marriages
  7. Safe Places to Travel in the USA
  8. Bill Clinton: A Portrait of Integrity
  9. Jerry Garcia’s Guide to Beating Drug Addiction
  10. Contraception by Pope John Paul II
  11. Cooking Gourmet Dishes With Tofu
  12. The Complete Guide to Catholic Sex
  13. The Wit and Wisdom of Dan Quayle.
  14. Consumer Marketing Ethics
  15. Al Gore: The Wild Years
  16. America’s Most Popular Lawyers
  17. Career Opportunities for History Majors
  18. Detroit – A Travel Guide
  19. Dr. Kevorkian’s Collection of Motivational Speeches
  20. Easy UNIX
  21. Everything Men Know about Women
  22. George Foreman’s Big Book of Baby Names
  23. Mike Tyson’s Guide to Dating Etiquette
  24. The Amish Phone Book
  25. Great Women Drivers Of Today
  26. Beauty Secrets by Janet Reno
  27. Home Built Airplanes by John Denver
  28. How To Get To The Super Bowl by Dan Marino
  29. Things I Love About Bill by Hillary Clinton
  30. My Life’s Memories by Ronald Reagan
  31. Things I Can’t Afford by Bill Gates
  32. Things I Would Not Do For Money by Dennis Rodman
  33. The Wild Years by Al Gore
  34. Amelia Earhart’s Guide To The Pacific
  35. America’s Most Popular Lawyers
  36. All The Men I’ve Loved Before by Ellen DeGeneres

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